About Us


GIM Foundation is a leading Australian organisation dedicated to providing humanitarian relief and development programs around the world. We are advocates in fighting poverty and famine in developing regions and work to establish a support infrastructure of water, food and education aiming for long term sustainability and encouraging community growth.

Here at the GIM Foundation, we strive to provide support to enable people and communities to develop, recover from disasters, rebuild their lives and survive through adversity. This is achieved by creative innovative solutions for social empowerment and ensuring the basics are offered for sustainability and teaching the principals of practical knowledge and how to be self-sufficient.




We strive for a world full of hope and free of poverty, being the humanitarian partner of choice for helping to rebuild communities in need and providing a framework for people to live in dignity with access to clean water, food, education and a sustainable community.



We believe that the lives of all human beings are of equal value


We affirm the dignity, potential and contribution of participants, donors, partners, staff and volunteers.


We act with our mission, being honest and transparent in what we do and say


We work effectively together with our partners to serve the larger community


We seek the highest levels of learning and performance to achieve a greater impact on the lives of those in need.

our objectives:


Provide fundamental humanitarian aid and development for communities in need


Implement programs for the alleviation of hunger and famine worldwide


Empowering communities to establish an independent and sustainable society

our objectives: