Orphan Sponsorship Program

  • Provide the orphan with clothing

  • Giving them access to accommodation

  • Providing them with daily meals

  • Caring for them when sickness occurs

  • Providing them with their basic needs

  • Providing them with their education and all item needed for their studies


Man Hasan Basry is a 16-year-old boy, born on 9/9/2003 in Cambodia.

School grade: 10

Siblings: 1 brother and 1 sister

Man Hasan Basry lost his father at a young age. Due to extreme poverty and a large family, his mother is unable to give him a better standard of living or send him to school to continue his education.

Man Hasan Basry now lives and studies in Asian Foundation for Education & Development orphanage in Cambodia, where he will have a Safe and Healthy adolescence. He will be provided all his essential needs in the Orphanage like food, clothes, healthcare, physical education and entertainment such as educational trips and computer lab.

When you sponsor Man Hasan Basry, you support programs that address the causes of poverty and lay foundations for success.

As a child sponsor, you can help Man Hasan Basry and other vulnerable children benefit from programs focused on their health, education and readiness for work, developing them to decent, confident adult.