Palestine Crisis Appeal

Emergency Appeal

What’s happening: 

In May 2021, Palestinian families were forced out of their homes as bombs rained down on Gaza during the peak of Ramadan – one of the holiest months in the entire year for Muslims. In an unprecedented wave of violence spanning 11 days, 232 Palestinians, including 65 children and 39 women, have been killed. More than 6,000 people have been injured across the West Bank and Gaza. Approximately 90,000 people have been internally displaced and are now homeless. While a ceasefire came into effect in the early hours of Friday 21 May, life will never be the same for Palestinians across Gaza, the West Bank and Al Quds. Many are now left to pick up the pieces after losing their loved ones, their homes, their livelihoods and their communities. 

The impact: 

After many years of suffocating under siege, many Palestinians are now unable to meet their most basic needs. The latest wave of violence means Palestinians now face drastic shortages in food and medicine supply, and restricted access to health services with 19 health facilities destroyed in Gaza alone. The World Food Programme (WFP) estimates that 220,000 people across Gaza and the West Bank have been pushed into food insecurity as a result of the latest violence. 

More than 40 schools have been ruined in Gaza and many children now left without access to education. The Ministry of Public Works and Housing estimated that 132 buildings, including one housing media offices, had been destroyed as of Monday 17 May. Airstrikes also damaged power lines and water pipes, leaving Palestinians without adequate supply of electricity or clean drinking water.  

Returning to a sense of normality and rebuilding for the future will remain a challenge as many Palestinians will continue to live in a state of panic and fear.  

How you can help: 

When you donate to Palestine with GIM Foundation, you could help Palestinian families across West Bank, Gaza and Al Quds by providing them with life-changing essentials like clean water and nutritious food, and access to medicine, healthcare and education. Our partners are on the ground responding to the most urgent needs of Palestinian families now. 

In the coming months, our work will focus on helping Palestinians overcome their trauma and rebuild for the long-term. 

From as little as $100 you could provide essential food supplies and clean water to a Palestinian family for an entire month. Every little bit helps.