Ghana Community Centre


Ghana Community Centre

Let’s help them thrive

GIM Foundation’s Ghana Community Centre project will transform the lives of more than 3,500 people living in Musuli/New Fadama in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Currently, more than half of this population lives in desperate poverty.

Poverty rules their lives

The average income for those lucky enough to find work is just US$80 per month. The majority work in the informal sector, with few employed in the formal sector. The most common sources of income are trading, entrepreneurship, apprenticeship and animal husbandry. The unemployment rate is extremely high at 65%, driven in large part by illiteracy and low level education. A dedicated community centre will serve as a hub for essential educational and social activities to enable self-sufficiency and vastly improved standards of living.

Rebuilding their future

This desperately poor Ghanaian community has been relying for 30 years on an unsafe, temporary wooden structure as a shared community building. Funded by generous donations, GIM Foundation has already started construction of a brand new facility that will literally change lives through education, skill development, literacy, and improved hygiene and healthcare.

Bilal Ibn Rabah Community Centre

The Bilal Ibn Rabah Community Centre is a two story building  that houses a multi-faith space, library, offices, educational rooms and a conference room. Besides being a place for community gathering, the centre will also offer:

  • Literacy classes
  • Food drives
  • Hygiene workshops
  • Children’s activities
  • Marriages
  • Naming ceremonies

With enhanced literacy, new employment skills, improved health and a stronger sense of belonging, the community of Musuli/New Fadama will finally have the opportunity to thrive.

Construction of the facility is currently underway, with more funds required for to continue the next phase of building.

Please give the people of Musuli/New Fadama the chance of a better future by donating to the Ghana Community Centre project. GIM Foundation thanks you for your ongoing generosity, and we welcome any contribution you can make.