About our Pakistan Floods Appeal

The people of Pakistan are suffering. Unusually heavy monsoon rains have caused catastrophic flash flooding across the country.

Pakistani authorities have declared a national state of emergency. More than 1,000 people have been killed, 1,456 injured and and over 33 million people — 15% of the population — displaced since mid-June. The worst crisis in over a decade, 100 districts across four provinces have been affected.
Millions are now homeless with 581,207 houses destroyed. With many regions inaccessible, millions of people are cut off from essentials like food, clean water and electricity.

Families have lost their livelihoods with more than 793, 995 livestock deaths and millions of acres of cultivated crops destroyed.

As people flee their homes in search of higher ground and safety, many will continue to risk their lives.

To make matters worse, rising flood waters are making it difficult for emergency workers to reach and rescue thousands of people who are stranded. Balochistan and Sindh are the worst-affected areas.

Our partners are on the ground now, providing life-saving essentials like food, medical aid and shelter.

From as little as $25 you could provide a lifeline. Donate now and help the people of Pakistan.

$25 could provide a survival kit for a vulnerable family

$50 could provide a food pack for a vulnerable family (food supplies for a month for a family of 7)

$150 could provide shelter to keep a vulnerable family safe from flood waters

$700 could provide life-saving medical aid (includes treatment and the costs of medicine)

Photo credit: Qasim Berech/Oxfam

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Our handy Zakat calculator will help you to figure out exactly how much Zakat you owe.  When you donate your Zakat through GIM Foundation during Ramadan, you’re not only fulfilling the sacred obligation of purifying your wealth, but you’re helping to empower children’s futures, and reaping the multiplied blessings of this holy month.

 Ramadan Giving

Ramadan Giving

Ramadan is the time to pause, to reflect, to purify and to give, all for the sake of Allah (SWT). For us at GIM Foundation, Ramadan is everything we’re about – compassion and humanity. Donate your Fidya, Kaffara and Zakat al-Fitr now.
Empowering futures

Empowering futures

It takes a village to raise a child and our goal of creating happy, healthy and secure childhoods for all children requires the support of strong, empowered families and communities. That is why all our efforts take a holistic approach with the goal of creating stronger communities through access to education, food, water, and healthcare for sustainable change.
 Protecting children

Protecting children

The best way to create a future where children are protected is to build communities where their rights are recognised and prioritised. We seek to support and advocate for children around the world, getting families, communities and the children themselves involved on the issues and policies that affect them, to effect change for safer, more empowered futures.