Interested in partnering with GIM?

We are always looking to build partnerships with like-minded brands who want to grow through making a difference. From joint fundraising campaigns to media opportunities, branded products and bespoke solutions for the communities we work with, there are so many ways we can work and grow together!

Join Us To Make An Impact

Collaboration is key when it comes to making a difference, and businesses and NFPs who partner with us have the opportunity to:


Your contributions through donations and sponsorship fund our projects, tangibly empowering us to make a difference that your audience can feel part of.


By involving your customers and team in the journey, through social media to fundraising, you can showcase your values while attracting like-minded people to your brand.


Use your platform as a brand, both online and off, to take action on what matters to you – raising awareness, engaging your audience and creating a lasting impact.

Ways To Partner With Us

Project Support

Support something tangible that your team and customers can really get behind through funding one of GIM Foundations intiatives; like funding Winter Survival Kits for vulnerable families, supplying classroom materials for children in Palestine or sinking a well so a community in Afghanistan can access fresh water.


Do you have an engaged social following you can rally to raise funds? Want to run team initiatives that build stronger bonds while making an impact? Fundraise as a team, with your customers, or host a community event to raise much-needed funds for the initiatives and projects that matter to you.


GIM partners can fully fund a larger community project and make a meaningful impact in the communities we serve – meeting your organisational objectives while empowering futures together. You can choose from a range of projects to help children and their communities thrive; from providing clean water, investing in education and skills development to improving health and food security through community development initiatives. To find out more, get in touch with us.


From regular corporate giving to partnering with us for a ‘percentage of sale’ initiative, every cent makes a huge difference to the impact we can make together. Talk to us about ways to donate that work best for your brand – we can get as creative as you like!

Our Brand Partners

Mahboba’s Promise is an Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to helping disadvantaged women and children in Afghanistan. In partnership with them, we have delivered emergency aid to over 3,000 families and 15,000 vulnerable Afghan children in 2021 alone.

Since 2021, GIM Foundation has worked with I Hope International to deliver greater impact and more equitable outcomes for the communities we work with. We have achieved this by sharing knowledge and resources to develop holistic solutions to global issues such as poverty and delivering life-saving aid in times of crisis.

Get Involved

Talk to us today about creating a partnership that helps you grow your brand, increase your reach and make a difference in the lives of children around the globe!

$25 Can Help Empower A Future

Globally, millions of children are being impacted by conflict, disasters, poverty, and now the effects of the pandemic. Your donation today can change a life and empower a future.