Water Wells For Africa

Clean Water Is Essential For Life

Building water wells for Africa is mission critical for GIM Foundation. That’s because access to clean drinking water is a basic human right for everyone, period. Human bodies are made up of 60% water, so we need to constantly hydrate our vital organs and cells. Everybody needs disease-free and toxin-free water for healthy bodily function. 

Millions Go Without

Millions of people around the world live without ready access to clean water. Lack of water increases their risk of disease and death from contaminated water, poor sanitation and poor hygiene.

In poor, isolated communities, women and children have to walk long distances every day to collect water. The rough terrain and extreme temperatures cause dehydration, illness and physical injury. Kids miss schooling because they need to fetch water for their family, and due to poor health. 

Without water, crop production and creating sustainable income is impossible. It keeps entire communities locked in a cycle of poverty.

Water Wells Build Their Futures

Water wells in Africa make a radical difference to wellbeing of entire communities. The wells provide a constant source of clean water that is centrally located in the township for easy access. More than just drinking water, the wells enable agriculture, food production and hygiene for a better future. 


GIM Foundation Water Wells

GIM Foundation seeks out impoverished communities in need of clean water. We plan and construct water wells close to town centres, assisting with such fixtures as pumps, plumbing and latrines. We work with volunteers and local residents to dig wells, install pumps and provide essential hygiene education to make clean, safe water a part of life

Almost 500 Water Wells Already Built, Thanks To You 

Thanks to your generous donations, we’ve already built nearly 500 water wells in Burkina Faso and Togo.

We urge you to continue supporting our water well projects and together we can enhance the lives of thousands.